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Crystal Rose Feminine Health Clinic Comes to Suffolk

Feminine Health Clinic coming to Suffolk - Harley Street Treatments without the Harley Street price tag!

When I opened my skin clinic in Needham Market, I knew that I wanted to bring new, different and exciting things to Suffolk. One of therapeutic areas I've always been interested in is feminine intimate health. I've seen first-hand the trauma, discomfort and life limited experiences women experience during my nursing career, and it's always made me sad that so many women accept pelvic floor weakness and bladder incontinence as just part of getting older, the menopause, or a consequence of giving birth. It doesn't have to be this way ladies.

Dr. Fakher Gendy

I'm delighted to announce that I am going to be working with the renowned expert, Dr. Fakher Gendy, a Senior Consultant in Gynaecology and Aesthetics to bring much-needed feminine health treatments like vaginal rejuvenation to Suffolk. We'll be the first clinic in Suffolk to offer the treatments, which is really exciting! Dr. Gendy brings 20 years experience in gynaecology and aesthetics to the clinic and together we can now offer you a premium medical service that's not available on the NHS.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

The main service Dr. Gendy will be offering is vaginal rejuvenation. It's not just an aesthetic treatment; vaginal rejuvenation can give you a new lease of life if you're suffering from stress incontinence or worried about the effects of child birth or menopause - two of the most common causes of vaginal changes - which can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. I know that it's a sensitive subject, so I'll be sure to work with you to help talk you through the process and make sure that I understand your need. If you're dealing with discomfort "down below", the treatment can help to alleviate the burning, itching and dryness that can result from hormonal fluctuations as we age. it can also help to tighten your pelvic floor, which improves tone and reduces bladder weakness in women of all ages. Of course, having the muscles in the vagina rejuvenated may also help to boost your sex life....

The Procedure and Results

There's no surgery involved in any of the procedures that Dr. Gendy carries out at my clinic; everything is non-invasive and vaginal rejuvenation shouldn't be painful. The procedure lasts 20-30 minutes and I'll be there with you throughout as a 'chaperone' so there's no need to feel nervous (I'm an ex-NHS nurse, you can trust my bedside manner) ... A HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is inserted into the vagina which stimulates the production of new collagen in the vaginal walls using ultrasound energy. If you’re curious; here’s a video that explains how it all works for you:

The treatment is completely safe and there are no side effects - the device only affects the vaginal walls and the head is small; it doesn't come into contact with the cervix, uterus or ovaries. Satisfaction rates are great too; 95% of women reported that they felt a 'significant improvement', and there was an average of 17% reduction in the diameter of the vagina.

For more detailed information of the service, please check out the information page on my website, or contact me and I'll be more than happy to talk to you about it.

I chose to work with Dr Gendy because of his decades' experience in gynaecology. he's on the GMC Specialist Register for Gynaecology, belongs to many professional bodies and is also fully trained as a medical consultant in aesthetics. He's also as determined as I am to provide a top-quality service to women who cannot get any help from the NHS.

Fat Dissolving Injections

Along with vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Gendy also offers a range of other services, including fat dissolving injections, which can treat face and body. These injections work by destroying fat cells - they damage the fat cell membranes and turn the fat in the treated area into liquid, which is broken down along with the cell material and removed naturally through the body's lymphatic system. For more information, check out the webpage.

You can find out more about some of the other services Dr. Gendy offers on his website.If you want to book any of his services, contact me and I can arrange a convenient time for the treatment in my clinic. I'm so excited to be working with an expert in the area of intimate aesthetics, and I can't wait to bring his expertise to Suffolk. Ladies - don't suffer in silence, book a consultation and we'll soon have you smiling again!

Contact me if you'd like more information, or to book any of Dr. Gendy's services: You can email me at: or call me on 07967 480323 and I'll be delighted to help.

Dr Gendy's website is:

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