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Thread Vein Removal

ThermaVein Thread Vein Removal Ipswich

Thread Veins (also known as Red Veins) are a common problem affecting all ages and groups of people. ThermaVein is a safe, effective, quick medical grade treatment for the removal of thread veins to the nose, cheeks, all areas of the face, upper and lower legs and ankles giving instant results.

What Are Thread Veins/Spider Veins?

Thread veins are very thin red or purple blood vessels on the surface of the skin. They can be unsightly and give a general red appearance to the skin. They can also be referred to as  Spider Veins, Broken Veins and Red Veins.  The medical name is Telangiectasia.

What Causes Them?

There is no known specific cause of thread veins however, links may include a skin condition called Acne Rosacea, hormonal changes in women such as pregnancy or menopause, sun damage or too much exposure, trauma to various parts of the body or even excessive blowing of the nose. 

How Can They Be Treated?

Thread veins on the face and body can be treated by various different methods including IPL, Laser, Electrolysis and the revolutionary option of  ThermaVein (Veinwave). Here at Crystal Rose Skin Clinic, we use the 'Gold Standard ' ThermaVein technology which offers by far the best results treating all skin types and avoiding any permanent damage to the skin.  
ThermaVein uses tiny Nickel tip probe which when placed over individual veins, uses a process known as Thermocoagulation which seals the vessel walls causing the veins to collapse and be destroyed.  

Once destroyed, the same thread vein will not come back. Each treatment session usually lasts 15 - 20 mins and most patients will only need a few sessions to get excellent results.  

How Can They Be Treated?

Generally  ThermaVein is well tolerated.  Most patients hardly feel a thing or a tiny 'hair pluck' sensation during treatment.  

Some patients may notice a little redness or pin prick scratches over the treated area over the next few days, which can be covered with makeup if required.  With ThermaVein unlike Laser, there is not a risk of permanent scarring or skin colour changes - Hypo/Hyperpigmentation after treatment.

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