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Focus Dual Radio Frequency Micro-needling 

Focus Dual Radio Frequency Micro-needling for Suffolk

Focus Dual Radio Frequency Micro-needling is the cutting-edge technology from Lynton Lasers, delivering highly-effective skin tightening, lifting, firming and contouring results with the unrivalled safety of Lynton's medical-grade technology.

Brand new to Crystal Rose Skin Clinic in 2023, Focus Dual brings with it incredible precision in order to deliver significant rejuvenation results.
The fractional radio frequency micro-needling Focus Dual handpiece uses a vacuum to lift the target area of your skin into the device - delivering the treatment with pinpoint accuracy and precision at the depths required to see real results. 
Using a combination of radio frequency (using energy to heat the deep layers of your skin) and precision micro-needling, Focus Dual triggers our skin's natural healing process through controlled trauma, with the added benefit of radiofrequency to heat the dermis of your skin, tightening it from within - both of these technologies trigger the production of collagen - lifting, tightening, firming and contouring your skin - inside and out - to deliver long-lasting, impressive results.

Lynton's answer to the Morpheus 8 technology, Focus Dual delivers the same rejuvenation results with the confidence of Lynton's proven safety records and British manufacturing. 

Focus Dual is a dual-treatment technology, also delivering first-class HIFU treatments for the ultimate skin rejuvenation solution. Depending on your specific skin concerns and goals, it may be suggested that both RF micro-needling and HIFU are required for optimum results. These two treatments can be delivered simultaneously in one appointment across different target areas (e.g. RF micro-needling across cheeks and forehead, and HIFU across jowls and neck). Alternatively, these two complementary treatments can be built into a bespoke treatment plan with both technologies being used across all target areas over the course of a series of appointments.

Take a look through the videos below and see the sensational results for yourself. Should you wish to find out more before booking, simply get in touch via the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss in more detail.

What does Radio Frequency Micro-needling Treat?

Radio Frequency Micro-needling is he ideal treatment for those suffering with:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines

  • Acne scars

  • Surgical scars

  • Crepey neck skin

  • Loose and sagging skin

  • Uneven skin tone and texture

  • Pigmentation

  • Large pores

  • Loss of volume and hydration

What to Expect from Focus Dual Radio Frequency Micro-needling

This unique technology cools your skin as you go through treatment, and as such, the discomfort felt during the treatment is much lower than with traditional micro-needling. This means that no numbing cream is required (should you feel more comfortable having numbing cream, however, this can still be applied). 

On arrival, we will have an initial consultation where we will discuss your main desires and target areas for treatment.


The areas will be cleaned thoroughly before we commence treatment. 


During treatment the Focus Dual RF micro-needling handpiece will suck your skin up into the device using a vacuum, once inside the device head the micro-needles are inserted into the skin at the precise depths required for optimum rejuvenation results. Once inserted, the radio frequency is delivered and the needles are retracted. This process is done across the entire treatment area, with a small overlap between each injection site to ensure complete coverage.


Where you have specific areas of concern, we can repeat the process on these target areas 2-3 times for optimum results. 


Some may feel mild discomfort during the treatment, however, this discomfort soon disappears after the treatment is finished. The skin can feel a little tight and tingly for up to 24 hours post-treatment and you may experience a little redness for up to 48 hours post-treatment - this won't be as severe as with traditional micro-needling.


For 48 hours post-treatment we ask that you protect your skin by not exposing it to UV rays, exercising, swimming or introducing any risks of infection such a dirt or bacteria.

The results of your Radio Frequency Micro-needling will continue to improve over the course of 3 months. You can expect smoother, tighter and clearer skin with overall improved complexion and skin health.

Our Clients Say

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"After only three sessions of Radio Frequency Microneedling, the difference I have seen is remarkable. My skin is smooth, fresher, plumper, tighter and healthier with a defined jawline. I don't need to wear a full face of foundation any more, just a bit of blusher, mascara and I'm done! Another huge benefit - no need for any more filler or Botox. RFM is so much more natural. So happy. Thank you Rosy!"


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