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About Me

“Skin – so strong, yet so fragile. The largest organ in the human body and endlessly complex.”


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I’m Rosy, I'm a registered nurse and you could say that I have an obsession with skin. I’ve always found it to be complex – and beautiful. I became fascinated with skin and its fragility during my years working as a critical care nurse, which gave me a natural empathy that’s stayed with me since I changed career and became an aesthetician.


I have to confess that I haven’t always been so careful with skin care. I spent many of my early years basking in hot sunshine. Despite being a dark-skinned, mixed race person, I still wanted to join in with my friends as they sunbathed – as a result I noticed the tell-tale signs of sun damage on my own skin. I wanted to learn about skincare and how to minimise the damage I’d already caused.


So, what is it I adore about working with skin? Well, I love the feel, texture and appearance of skin – everyone is different. It gives me a lot of pleasure to be able to help people discover their healthiest skin. I’m big on education, too, giving my clients the knowledge they need to care for their own skin at home so that the treatments I carry out in my Suffolk skin clinic are even more effective and longer-lasting.


I’m passionate about natural beauty, working with clean, chemical free, minimally invasive treatments. The products and treatments that I use are effective – I choose brands that are backed by science and supported with robust research. They really work.


I also try all of my treatments out on myself before I treat clients, so that I can get a feel for them. That, along with my nursing experience, means I’m really good at explaining as I go along and making sure that people know exactly what to expect from a treatment.


In my spare time I'm a bit of a culture vulture - you’re likely to find me travelling on my days off, soaking up history, appreciating natural beauty and landscapes, discovering people and cuisines from around the world. 


I keep abreast of this exciting aesthetics industry by regularly attending professional workshops, conferences and industry accredited courses to develop and update my knowledge and skills.


At Crystal Rose Skin Clinic we love to help you achieve beautiful, healthy and younger-looking skin. We have a fabulous range of natural, minimally-invasive and chemical free skin care treatments here to help, all tailor made to suit your skin. 

My Skincare Routine

Since discovering the amazing benefits of AlumierMD's medical-grade, active, clean, green ingredients when first introduced to the market, the products have completely transformed my skin from a dull, tired, lined complexion to the plump, radiant, healthy skin I have today.

That's why I back these cosmeceuticals, 100%. It's the only skincare brand I advocate in-clinic - because I know it works and has lasting, beneficial results.

So here are the products I use in my own skincare routine:


Purifying Gel Cleanser

Bright & Clear Toner

Vitamin C&E Serum

Ultimate Boost Serum

Eventone Serum

Sheer Hydration Untinted SPF


Purifying Gel Cleanser

Bright & Clear Toner

Retinol 1% (alternate nights)

AHA Serum

Hydradew Moisturiser

My go-to treatments for maintaining my skin health, are:


Skin Peels



Regular Facials

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