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Profhilo Treatment for Ipswich

Profhilo is the award-winning skin rejuvenation treatment that provides the ultimate skin hydration - providing natural-looking volume leaving you with youthful, healthy skin.

Award-winning Profhilo treatment

Profhilo has earned its awards for its unmatched anti-aging results.


The perfect complement for your skin health treatments - we will build Profhilo into your bespoke skin treatment and care plan if ageing, sagging skin around your face or neck is a specific problem area for you.


The increased level of hyaluronic acid in Profhilo provides fantastic results - ideal for:






Restoring youth

So if your skin needs a boost of youth, then Profhilo could be the perfect treatment for you!

Now available to book online.

What to expect from your Profhilo treatment

We recommend 1-2 treatments depending on results, around 1 month apart. 

Allow 30 minutes for your treatment. You may experience slight swelling and bruising to the entry sites - this will subside in 24 hours. 

You can expect your results to last for around 12 months so we do recommend annual appointments to maintain your amazing results!

During your treatment, Rosy will provide you with an explanation of how to get the most out of your treatment with appropriate skin care post-treatment.

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