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3JUVE Resurface

3JUVE Resurface for Acne Scarring, Deep Lines, Wrinkles & Large Pores

3JUVE Fractional Laser delivers microscopic beams of heat causing superficial ablation in the skin helping to improve skin texture, large pores, congestion, acne scars, lines and wrinkles.

How does it work?

I use the 3JUVE® Fractional laser to carefully resurface the top layer of your skin. Heat from the laser causes tiny microscopic holes, which  produces inflammation, stimulating a wound healing response- the body’s natural healing response to an injury. 


The surface of your skin is retextured and smoothed out with new collagen which leaves your skin looking smoother and more youthful, while reducing pigmentation, discolouration, congested skin, mild lines and wrinkles on areas of the face as well as neck, hands and décolleté.


Darker skins can be treated - with caution - due to higher melanin content found in darker skins. There is a slightly higher risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) in darker skins, although using a topical skin lightening agent for four weeks  before a treatment may reduce the risk of PIH.


As well as being a really effective anti-ageing treatment, 3JUVE® Resurface will help if you have mild scarring from acne, surgery or any other  scars, stretchmarks, and pigmentation from sun damage, age or other causes.

What should I expect?

It’s not pain-free but it shouldn’t be particularly painful either. 


Because the fractional lasers I use in a 3JUVE® Resurface treatment use targeted heat to cause mini injuries, you might feel warmth, tingling or mild stinging. 


It’s sometimes described as being a bit like snapping your skin with an elastic band. 

There may be a little redness after a treatment.


You should be able to go back to most activities straight after a treatment, although downtime can last anything up to 7 days.  Your skin will start to dry out, when this happens, make sure that you keep it well moisturised and not to pick at it.


You might experience this minor sunburn-like skin flakiness for a week or so – or you may not notice anything, it will depend on your  skin’s reaction. There are some general aftercare rules, however.


  • The treatment is generally tolerated well, although the skin will feel a little 'sunburnt' afterwards. Cold packs or wet gauze can be used to alleviate any discomfort.

  • Swelling of the treated area is common, and usually resolves in a few days.

  • Redness in the treated area is also common – this usually lasts from between 24 hours and 3 days. From day 2-3, the skin will appear bronzed, feel dry and flaky as the microscopic debris is expelled from the skin.

  • Avoid cosmetics for 48 hours. Mineral make-up can be applied after this.

  • Avoid sun exposure and sunbeds for four weeks after a 3JUVE® Resurface and use a high SPF (50+) sun protection too.

  • Bleaching creams or perfumed products should be avoided for 24 hours, along with hot baths, showers, steam rooms and saunas.

  • Pigmentation changes are very rare and usually temporary and can be minimized by avoiding sun exposure and  using a minimum of SPF30 sun protection.


3JUVE® Resurface is a long-lasting treatment but sun exposure and the passage of time may affect long-term results so I usually advise my clients to have maintenance treatments when they are needed.

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