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Your skin goals are just a consultation away...

Here are some real life results from my skin clinic - I love nothing more than giving my clients a huge confidence boost with healthy, glowing and youthful skin. Get in touch to book your skin consultation or book your treatment online to begin your skin journey now.

What My Clients Say

"I just had my third visit to the lovely Rosy at Crystal Rose Skin Clinic and I feel AMAZING! I had the Platinum Facial which was exactly as described - 1 hour 45 minutes of PURE indulgence! I even managed a little snooze at the end under the LED light therapy. Rosy is always so professional and attentive and will make you feel at easy every single time. What a lovely place.
Highly recommended and I will be back soon!"
Leanne Eaton

Star Review

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I first realised that I wanted help with my ageing skin last year in 2020. I had a short but much needed break away with my family at Center Parcs, after working exceptionally hard and long hours for what seemed like an eternity. I was exhausted! But when I looked back at the photos and videos of myself I was shocked at just how much I’d aged and found myself deleting all photos of me on our holiday. I felt really low in myself and didn’t like what I saw in me physically or mentally.


I googled articles on Botox and fillers but none of it really appealed to me at all. I don’t like to wear lots of makeup and prefer a natural look, the last thing I wanted was to bring attention to myself by suddenly overnight looking like I’d had ‘work’ done! 


So when I found a leaflet at Encore Wellness Center advertising skin tightening I felt I had nothing to lose. I messaged Rosy on Facebook and she responded straight away inviting me for a consultation. I’m going to be honest I was really nervous as I’d never admitted to anyone how I felt about my skin. I don’t really know what I expected Rosy to say but I can confidently state she made me feel so relaxed and the nerves disappeared very quickly. So I booked myself in for 6 skin tightening treatments straight away, I was a little dubious if it’d work but desperate to try anything!


I could start to see obvious improvements on my skin after the 3rd session, the jowl area was definitely looking better and the skin around my eyes. I was so excited and happy and then once I had the final session I knew that I would without doubt continue the treatments every 6 to 8 weeks as recommended by Rosy.


My friends and family I didn’t tell them what I was doing, probably because I felt embarrassed by trying to defy the ageing process and I didn’t want any judgment. But now I’m finding that more and more people are telling me how well I look, I can see quizzical looks in friends eyes wondering what I’m doing for my skincare routine nowadays! I walk out of the house with a smile on my face which only compliments my more youthful looking skin. I feel happier within myself and I truly believe that it’s improved my relationship with my husband, I think he likes it when he’s greeted with a big smile and twinkling eyes. 


Rosy has helped me to start liking myself again and I’m not deleting all of my photos these days! I never wanted to look 21 again just really good for 48. I’d highly recommend the skin tightening treatment and would urge anyone that feels they are not ready for the ageing process to take over then go see Rosy. 

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