Skin Tightening Treatments

Skin Tightening Treatments in Suffolk

As we age, collagen formation slows and skin can become lax.


In my skin clinic here in Ipswich, Suffolk I use two technologies for skin tightening - Radio Frequency to gently heat the skin initiating collagen production causing fibres to contact helping the skin to tighten and HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to generate heat in the deep layers of your skin, targeting weak and damaged skin cells and boosting the body's natural repair process.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Skin Tightening (The Non-Surgical Face Lift)

Introducing my HIFU Skin Tightening Facial - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, otherwise known as the 'non-surgical face lift' has been described by Medical News Today as 'part of a growing trend for anti-ageing treatments that provide some of the benefits of a facelift without the need for surgery'. Clinical trials have shown it to be safe for wrinkle treatment and facial skin lifting.


What does a HIFU Skin Tightening Facial do?


Well, the clue is in the name! HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) uses ultrasound to generate heat in the deep layers of your skin, targeting and weak and damaged skin cells and boosting the body's natural repair process. It's a fantastically efficient treatment, too; because of the way it works with your body's natural collagen and carries on boosting cell renewal, you only need one treatment to see real results and after that juts an annual top up. HIFU works best on people with mild cases of sagging skin.


The procedure...


As with most non-invasive facial treatments, there is no down time, so you'll be able to book a session whenever it suits and get straight back to your usual activities afterwards. The treatment gives exceptional results without the risks you would expect with a surgical facelift, and it's fast too!


I'll start by gently cleansing the area, marking the areas for treatment and then applying a gel. I then use a handheld device on the area I'm treating, which produces ultrasound waves in short bursts. Sessions last anything from half an hour to an hour and a half depending on how big an area you'd like treated.


It's not usually painful - some people feel a prickly sensation and it can feel a bit achy afterwards, but this soon wears off and you can go back to work, or whatever you were planning, straight away.

3JUVE Remodel

IPL Laser for Skin Tightening

The 3JUVE® is one of the latest developments in anti-ageing skin technology and I’m happy to be able to offer it to my clients.


3JUVE® is a safe and effective treatment for three anti-ageing skin concerns; fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration and loss of firmness, and the Remodel programme can be used with the other 3JUVE® technologies to create a bespoke plan or as a standalone treatment for lifting and tightening mature skin.


Remodel skin tightening treatments can help to improve sagging around the face and neck - especially around the eyes and jawline – and gives you an instant subtle lifting effect.


3JUVE® Skin Tightening treatment will help to give you a younger tighter complexion; you get firmer skin tissue which leads to subtle skin lifting and tightening, for younger looking skin.

IPL for pigmentation - how does it work?

You might feel a little bit of discomfort – usually it’s just short sensations of deep heating. These are usually described as a pleasant, warming sensations, in fact It is sometimes described like a hot stone massage to the face.


Depending on your skin and personal tolerance you might feel ‘hot spots’ where the heat can feel a bit more intense or concentrated. If you feel any discomfort, just let me know.

IPL for pigmentation - what should I expect?

IPL treatment is less painful than traditional laser treatment but it can feel mildly uncomfortable. 


As the hand piece is gently applied to your skin and the pulses of light begin, you may feel a slight stinging sensation – this has often been  described as being something like having a small rubber band flicked at your skin. 


Over the course of your treatment, and as your skin begins to clear, you’ll normally find that the treatments become more comfortable.

IPL for pigmentation - aftercare

There should be no down time at all with 3JUVE® skin tightening. You can even apply make-up straight after a session. Results should be visible straight away and the best news is that they are long-lasting. After your treatment, your skin will have a rosy glow and plumped up appearance which dissipates after 24hrs.


Over the course of your treatments, collagen production will be stimulated and the skin tightening should be more obvious over the following months. A course of treatments is required, typically six sessions, followed by maintenance treatments every two – three months. I’ll talk to you about any maintenance treatments or complementary treatments/products I think you’d benefit from when I carry out your treatment.


IPL for pigmentation - pre-treatment cautions


3JUVE® Remodel is safe and effective but shouldn’t be used if you have any of the following:

  • A current sun tan, either from sunbeds or fake tan/tanning products.

  • Cancer, including any history of malignant melanoma

  • Pregnancy

  • Diabetes

  • Connective tissue disease (e.g. lupus)

  • Recent radiation therapy or chemotherapy

  • History of keloid scarring

  • Skin pigment disorders such as melasma on or near the area being treated

  • History of treatment with Gold Salt injections

  • Recent use of Roaccutane, St John’s Wort, Minocyline, Amiodarone and other photo

  • Sensitive medication

  • Tattoos or dermal pigmented lesions in the treatment area

  • Open wounds or skin lesions

  • Active acne in the area being treated.

  • 3JUVE® treatments should also be avoided for at least two weeks before or after fillers and/or Botox treatments

  • You’ll need to avoid sun exposure and beds for four weeks after a 3JUVE® Remodel and use a high SPF (50+) sun protection. Bleaching creams or perfumed products should be avoided for 24 hours, along with hot baths, showers, steam rooms and saunas

  • Combining various aesthetic procedures and cosmeceuticals is likely to bring optimal results. If you’d like to find out more, I’m happy to answer any questions