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If I Were 20 Again

If I had my 20s again, knowing what I do now - what skin advice would I give myself?

My twenties were filled with being a busy mum of 3 so I had little time for skincare and relied on my trustee Oil of Olay to keep my skin hydrated and lustrous. I used to love using mechanical beady scrubs to exfoliate but unfortunately daily SPF was far from my mind as education on sun damage wasn't the thing back in those days!

The great news is, our skin is pretty forgiving in our twenties and we all looked far more fabulous in our twenties than we probably gave ourselves credit for.

A staple skincare routine, however, is always a must for protecting and nourishing our skin for it to glow well into our 30s, so here's the basics (and you really don't need more than that in your 20s):

  • A gentle cleanser

  • An antioxidant serum, such as vitamin C

  • Moisturising SPF every day, because - well just because!

  • Retinol or another kind of retinoid at night. These are great for normalising the skin and reducing any potential breakouts as well as boosting collagen (which starts to fall after the age of 25)

  • And if my skin was problematic, I’d find my way to a skin specialist for serious, sensible advice on how to improve it

If I'd have suffered with acne scarring then I'd have considered microneedling for a natural treatment to help improve this, but otherwise I wouldn't be considering skin treatments beyond those lovely natural and relaxing treatments for some 'me time'.

One pearl of wisdom I would give 20 year old self (and I have passed on to my kids and clients) is the message around SPF. With it not having been mainstream back when I was 20 it's something I would be banging the drum on if I were 20 now and NO SUNBEDS!

So there you have it - a simple staple skincare routine and watch out for those harmful rays - that's it!

If you're in your 20s and struggling with a skin condition(s) such as acne or acne scarring then I do have a range of effective products and natural treatments that can help you to manage these symptoms so please do get in touch to book a skin consultation and we can discuss the best plan for your skin.

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