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Skincare Essentials

The elements you need to nail your home skincare routine.

We are all well aware of those wardrobe staples - the little black dress, the perfect blazer, that perfect fit t-shirt in every colour and your favourite pair of jeans. But when we're talking about skincare - should we adjust with the seasons or should we have a tried and tested staple wardrobe (or in this case staple vanity cupboard) skincare routine no matter the season? In my expert opinion, always go for the latter.

Finding a consistent, professional daily skincare routine that meets your skin's needs will change your life. Whether you're all about the detail and can commit to a 10-step routine, or need something quick and simple - the routine that suits your skin will mean no more reactive skin problems from trying new products. Your tested, reliable skincare routine will lead to healthy, bright skin.

Knowing where to start can be daunting, so my skin analysis is the perfect place to start to assess your skin and work out exactly what your skincare needs are - you'll get completely bespoke guidance that will mean your skin is catered for and thriving.

Just like our wardrobe staples, there are a few skin pillars that everyone needs in their routine. Nail these, and your skin will be glowing before you know it, so let’s get started.

1. Cleansing

Everyone’s skin is different, but there’s one thing all experts agree on – make sure you thoroughly clean your skin morning and evening. In the morning you’ll need to get rid of oil, bacteria and all the toxins your skin boots out overnight. In the evening our skin is coated with everything from microscopic pollens to pollution. Get everything off before you add any active ingredients, otherwise that specialist skincare will just be sitting atop a layer of grime. If your skin leans towards dryness, then try a cream cleanser like Hydraboost which contains nourishing vitamin E. Oily skin will benefit from a refreshing cleansing wash, such as our Purifying Gel Cleanser . No post-cleanse tight feeling skin here!

2. Skin Treat

Here’s the bespoke part of your skincare routine, this is where you really need to get to know your skin and find out exactly what will help it to reach its full potential. Book your skin analysis and I'll do all the hard work for you, leading you on a deep dive and getting to the heart of any skin issues. You can also keep an eye on how your skin reacts throughout the day to get some clues as to what it needs. At lunchtime take a good look at your skin in the mirror – if your makeup looks patchy – it could be a hint that your skin is dehydrated. Red areas may indicate sensitised skin, which can happen if you’ve been trying too many skincare products (we’ve all been there). You can also look out for the classic 4pm shine, which means oil production is in overdrive. To treat any of these issues, I recommend the Ultimate Boost Serum. It’s silky smooth, applies like a featherlight dream and works to infuse skin with all the hydration it needs (meaning no more dry patches or overproduction of oil).

Sensitive skin loves its healing properties, fine lines can’t stand it and start disappearing! And did I mention, it delivers the glow. It’s so great that it's included in both of AlumierMD's Essentials Kits, one of which is designed for oily skin, the other is tailored to dry skin.

3. Sunscreen

Join the SPF everyday club by making sure you give your skin the protection it needs. No matter the weather outside, UVA rays will always be present and they damage skin cells causing premature wrinkles, discolouration, and uneven skin tone. UVB rays are the ones that show up on sunny days and cause sunburn. You need to protect against both so always use sunscreen labelled Broad Spectrum. The AlumierMD Broad Spectrum physical sunscreens include micronised zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which protect you from both UVA and UVB rays without absorption into the body (say bye to breakouts from sunscreen). Plus, plenty of antioxidants to help give skin the best protection from damaging rays. With six different varieties, from ultra-lightweight, oil free Clear Shield SPF42 to super nourishing, oil rich Sheer Hydration SPF40 and tinted versions that give skin radiant coverage, you’ll easily find one you love using, and that’s really the key. Apply generously before you leave the house each day and your skin will glow with thanks!

So there you have it - the three pillars of an effective skincare routine.

If you'd like to find out more about your skin and how you can ensure you're spending your money on the products that will make a difference for you - book your skin analysis now and I'll get you started on your skin journey. I am an AlumierMD Dermatology Expert and supply their full range of professional medical-grade skincare. To find out more about AlumierMD - their story, their philosophy, the science behind their products and their product ranges and more - visit their site.

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