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The Acid Test - Why Acid is a Skincare Saviour

The word acid is much maligned – it conjures up mental images the type of chemicals that cause tooth decay, or nasty chemical burns. But acid can be beneficial for your skin care routine and is a really good way of keeping your skin in tip top condition. When certain types of naturally-occurring acids are used at the right concentrations, an acid peel or treatment can work wonders for brightening your skin and making you look younger. There are a wide range of different acids used in skin care – you’ve probably heard about acids that can help keep the symptoms of acne in check, for example. If you’ve ever wondered whether acid could be good for your own skin, here’s my guide to the types of acids we use most in skin care, and what I recommend them for. AHA! Let’s start at the beginning, with AHAs – or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. AHA’s are a great all-round skin booster, great if you want to brighten up your complexion and give yourself a youthful glow. They come from plant and animal products like fruits and milk. Under the umbrella of AHA’s you’ll find the two most common skincare savers; glycolic and lactic acid. At Crystal Rose Skin Clinic we use a range of AlumierMD skin peels which contain one or more AHAs – the Radiant 30 does just what you would expect it to, with lactic acid to boost skin cell renewal and plump your skin out beautifully. We also have the fabulous Glow Peel which contains AHAs along with salicylic acid to help with signs of aging and also improve your skin tone. Both of these are lovely treatments that will leave your skin looking gorgeous and feeling amazing. Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic acid is another well-known skin care ingredient that you might have heard about from TV ads and magazines. It’s popular with all ages – it’s produced naturally by the skin and helps to keep it smooth and hydrated. Like most things, it can run a bit low as we get older, so we can give nature a helping hand with moisturisers like the Hydracalm, Hydrarich and Hydralight from AlumierMD. The hyaluronic acid in products like these keep skin hydrated and healthy, and hyaluronic acid works well with any skin type so anyone can benefit from a top up of this wonder ingredient. Salicylic Acid Salicylic acid is best-known for its sterling work on acne-prone and oily skin, although it’s great for anyone whose skin needs a little detox treatment. It’s a Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) that’s actually derived from aspirin. Its properties differ from AHAs – salicylic acid is known to have antibacterial and exfoliating properties which is why it’s so effective for acne. You can find it in skincare products, and we love the Detox Peel from AlumierMD too. It also features in the Glow Peel along with AHAs, so if you want a double whammy skin care boost, this could be the treatment for you! Acid peels are gentle and effective – gone are the days when you have to stay indoors or cover your skin after a peel (we all remember that iconic episode of Sex and the City, but thankfully things have moved on a LOT in the last 20 years!) If you have any questions about what acid can do for your skin, or want to book an appointment with me, please get in touch and I’ll be delighted to hear from you!

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