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The Perfect Last Minute Wedding Prep Skin Treatments

Wedding season is well and truly upon us here in sunny Suffolk with so many beautiful venues local to Ipswich - we're spoilt for the perfect country wedding event. Whether you are local to Ipswich or have come to Suffolk specifically for your wedding, these last couple of weeks and days leading up to your wedding day can be both the most exciting and the most stressful of your life.

Many brides will be looking after their skin perfectly in the lead up to their big day, but may wish for a little boost just before the day arrives to ensure their skin is glowing and make-up is applied flawlessly on the day. They may also be looking for an opportunity to take a moment to relax.

I thought it would be helpful to outline two of my treatments which are perfect for that last minute glow before any big event - and there's no bigger event than your wedding day!

So, what are my perfect go-to pre-wedding skin treatments?

First up is my Deluxe Tri-therapy Dermaplaning treatment - this dermaplaning treatment includes an Enzymatic Peel, LED light therapy and activated stem cell serum and will leave your skin silky smooth, fluff-free and glowing. It's every make-up artist's dream as your make-up with glide on and last beautifully for the day.

Next up is my ever popular Diamond Facial which is always a winner for pre-event skin as it plumps the skin, leaves you with a beautiful, dewy glow and radiant complexion - flawless skin for your perfect day.

Finally, whilst not an in-clinic treatment, I also offer a week's hire of the Deesse Pro LED Mask - the perfect way to give your at-home skincare routine a little boost.

Here are 3 tips to boosting bridal beauty and well-being with the Deesse Pro mask:

  1. Enhance Radiance ✨ Use mode 3 to promote glowing, flawless skin ahead of you big day⁠

  2. Banish Blemishes ✨ Use mode 2 to reduce breakouts (works perfectly on active spots, under-the-skin spots and will reduce skin redness)⁠

  3. Relieve Stress✨ Use mode 6 to ease stress and relax. Plus this will also target fine lines and wrinkles!⁠

So there you have it - the perfect trio of pre-wedding skin perfection!

If your big day is coming up, I'd love to help you prepare.

Click here to book your treatment now and ensure your skin is glowing beautifully for your big day!

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