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The power of the skin consultation

A comprehensive skin consultation is the perfect starting point for any successful skin journey.

Skin professionals know that until you have a complete picture of a person's skin, it is almost impossible to provide effective advice, plans and solutions.

Of course many people may have a good understanding of the treatments they would like to try, but for those experience symptoms with their skin or looking for specific results then I would highly recommend booking in for my 360-degree skin consultation.

So, what happens during a skin consultation and why is it so important?

The first part of my skin consultation is getting to know you personally - understanding your needs and your skin goals.

I look at your skin holistically - taking a 360-degree approach to understanding your skin health, your skin's behaviour and much more - I will ask you questions about your skin history, your current skincare routine, about the products you use, your medical history, current health, medications, supplements/vitamins, nutrition and water intake, sleep patterns, exercise routines, stress levels and about your complexion.

I'll ask you to come to your appointment without makeup on so I can take a good look at it and I'll also ask you to bring with you any skincare products and medications for me to explore with you.

I will also, if I feel necessary, take a deeper look at your skin using my Observ520 skin analysis machine - this allows me to see the whole picture - not just how your skin presents on the surface but what's going on underneath - any historic skin damage, underlying causes etc. This will give me the extra information I may need to get the very best possible results for you.

My skin consultation goal is to provide you with the information to empower you to make the best possible decisions for your skin - to explain in great detail why I am making the suggestions I make and to enable you to have the full picture of your skin health - it's about taking you on the journey from start to finish - knowing why your skin behaves the way it does so that you can make the right decisions for your skin regarding all aspects of your health and lifestyle - whether that be products, activity or nutrition. I also use this as an opportunity to explain more about the harmful effect of the sun for our skin and the unlimited benefits of a good quality mineral SPF.

The skin consultation is also a great opportunity for you to meet me, understand about my history and qualifications as the person who will be treating you and your skin - and to help build a relationship.

If you proceed with treatment then the cost of your skin consultation is taken off of your treatment plan.

If you would like to book your skin consultation to see the bigger picture and understand all about your skin, book here.

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