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Introducing...the Focus Dual® - two in one mature skin solution

Hey everyone, how are you all doing this crisp and cold December? I'm looking forward to Christmas, and also super excited to announce that in the new year I'm going to be introducing a much-requested new treatment to my skin clinic at Needham Market.

This state-of-the-art technology is predicted to be the next big thing in non-surgical facelifts. The Focus Dual® laser system is an absolute game-changer of a treatment for people with mature skin. It offers two in one technology that combines gold-standard technologies to lift, firm and tighten the skin - RF microneedling and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

As you'll already know if you're a regular to the blog or the clinic, both of these treatments are very effective on their own, but when they are combined, the results can be amazing. They offer what can only be described as never before seen skin rejuvenation, and I can't wait to share it with you. Everyone will be talking about it; those in the know already are. Remember the buzz about Judy Murray's Morpheus 8 transformation in lockdown? It's that good.

So, who is the Focus Dual® for?

Well, it's for my more mature clients who want to invest in rejuvenating their skin. As we age, we start to notice that our skin, no matter how well we look after it, looks a little bit tired, and it starts to lose some of its youthful elasticity, sagging, wrinkling and generally not looking as good as we'd like. The Focus Dual® is the next best thing to a surgical facelift for mature skin that needs an overhaul. It's the kind of investment that you'll wish you'd known about before - it really is that effective.

How does it work?

Focus Dual® uses a combination of HIFU and RF microneedling technologies to create tiny 'micro-traumas' that trigger your skin to produce collagen and elastin. RF microneedling creates the micro-traumas, which sets off the healing response, then the heat from the HIFU radiofrequency tightens your skin from the inside out. This gives you tighter, smoother, firmer and better hydrated skin in one treatment. It really works and leaves you looking and feeling well-cared for and more youthful.

It's perfect for:

• Non-surgical facelifts.

• Non-surgical skin lifting and tightening.

• Brow lifting.

• Wrinkle reduction.

• Scar treatment.

• Jawline sculpting.

...and more.

Look out for the official launch of the Focus Dual® at my clinic in Needham Market; there will be announcements on social media, and I might even put on a cheeky introductory offer in the new year so watch this space and make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Have a wonderful Christmas and I'll see you in the new year.

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