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CryoPen Blemish Removal Comes to Ipswich

You might have heard that the NHS is tightening up on the treatments offered to some people due to funding cuts? One of the proposed treatments that’s possibly (quite literally) for the chop on the NHS is removal of benign skin lesions - which is now likely to be

performed on the NHS ‘only when specific clinical criteria are met.’

This is all very well, but for some people blemishes like milia and skin tags especially can be a real issue. Skin tags aren’t just unsightly, they can show up in awkward places and catch on your clothes, and even bleed. If the NHS don’t consider them worth funding, what can you do?

Cryotherapy and skin blemishes

Well, there is a solution and it’s coming to Crystal Rose Skin Clinic in September. Cryotherapy is a really effective way to remove blemishes like:

● Skin tags ● Freckles ● Age spots ● Milia ● Warts ● Cherry angioma ● Viral verrucae

The treatment involves using a special pen called a CryoPen™ that lets me target the areas I’m treating with absolute precision. In simple terms, the treatment freezes off the skin tags or other blemishes, and it can all be done in a matter of seconds, so it’s quick and painless as well as very effective. The CryoPen™ has taken 13 years to develop and it’s considered to be the most advanced on the market.

How does the CryoPen™ work?

The CryoPen™ works by producing a very fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure, which freezes the fluid in the cells, creating ice crystals that rupture the and destroy the cell membranes. Because the pen is so precise (to a millimetre) there’s no damage to surrounding tissues and cells, and the blemish that you want removed will just disappear.

Cryotherapy is a safe procedure but as with most cosmetic treatments there are a few potential, minor side effects, like changes in skin pigmentation and nerve sensitivity. These don’t happen often and usually return to normal over time. If you’re worried about anything, just talk to me before your treatment about anything concerning you.

It’s a quick and simple procedure that I’m really looking forward to introducing to my lovely clients in September. The amount of time it takes to treat the area depends on how large it is, and the thickness of the tissue, but it’s usually anything from one second to 30. I’m really excited about being able to offer you this treatment.

If you have any skin tags or blemishes that you want to disappear, just pop in and have a chat with me at my skin clinic in Needham Market, or contact me though the website.


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