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Don't suffer feminine health problems in silence - Dr Gendy can help!

We've all heard the stories about how depleted the NHS is at the moment, and how the waiting lists are getting longer and longer. It's definitely affecting women's health - last year, a report from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said that many women were dealing with pain, bleeding and other symptoms, and that their mental health had been affected while they waited for help with feminine conditions. As waiting lists reached record numbers, gynaecology waiting lists have faced the biggest increase of all medical specialities, and women living with sometimes debilitating symptoms say they are suffering as more than 1 in 20 people in England face a year long wait for treatment. Last April, 570,000 women in the UK were facing a prolonged wait for gynaecology appointments, diagnoses and treatments, and as we know, things are getting worse.

It's almost impossible to get NHS support with some female issues, and not surprisingly, many women believe that they just have to put up with things like poor bladder control, pelvic floor weakness, loss of tone and tightness in the vagina and sexual discomfort. It's not the case!

Feminine health clinic at Needham Market

I'm delighted to offer women with feminine health issues the help they need, at my clinic in Needham Market. While I can't help with everything, I'm proud of the Well Woman Clinic which helps many concerned women with advice and more on multitude of issues that they have to deal with, often feeling unsupported.

I work with the fantastic Dr Gendy, who can give advice and information and even treat some conditions on the same day! This is the sort of help women really need, instead of being left at the back of the NHS waiting list, suffering in silence.

Dr Gendy has been a consultant gynaecologist for over 25 years in the UK and abroad, is on the 'top doctors' list and was awarded, 'The best Arabic doctor for gynaecology and aesthetic medicine in the UK' in 2022, so you're in safe hands if you see him.

Not sure if he can help you? Here's what others have to say - we received this wonderful feedback from a delighted client recently and I just had to share it with you:

"If you have been researching aesthetic gynaecology procedures, I am absolutely confident that Dr Gendy can help you achieve the change you wish to achieve. Don't wait...the procedures I have had during 2022 have been life changing. I first saw Dr Gendy in Needham Market in July 2022 for help with vaginal tightening and stress incontinence. The whole experience was very calm, and I felt at ease talking through, what are very intimate and somewhat embarrassing issues. The process and expectations were clearly explained, and for the first time in nine years, I began to believe that my issues could be vastly improved. Having had two children (who are now nine and seven years old) via vaginal delivery, my vagina was lax, and the initial measurement taken by Dr Gendy showed that it was on the more severe side of lax. I opted for a follow up treatment in Oct 2022.

Both were straightforward processes with little discomfort (the equipment used can be adjusted for comfort levels according to the individual), and I went straight back to work. There were no side effects at all. Within two to three days of the first treatment, I noticed a significant improvement in my stress incontinence.

I had worn a light pad for nine years, but within six weeks, I had the confidence not to need a pad anymore and I haven't worn one since. It doesn't matter if I cough, sneeze, sprint, or even jump on the trampoline, I have far more control. I'm still learning that I don't need to stand still and cross my legs when I think I'm going to sneeze! If you suffer from stress incontinence, I'm sure you will relate to my comments. Life changing. My vagina also regained elasticity and measures at least a third less. Dr Gendy believed this could be improved to pre-children proportions and hence opting for a follow up. I'm a few weeks away from having the follow up check and measurement but I know myself that the second treatment has made all the difference. I also opted to have the O-Injection during my first visit. This worked really quickly and at 47 years old, the difference to vaginal lubrication and sensation has been a definite positive! I would highly recommend this procedure. You can't put a price on self-esteem, and these treatments have made such a huge difference to my confidence and the way I can know live. I feel like the carefree me of my twenties. Really, it has made that much of a difference. I am so glad that I took the time to research and ask questions. I am so grateful for Dr Gendy's thorough and kind approach."

If you want to find out more about the ways Dr Gendy might be able to help you, drop me an email or call, and I'd be delighted to help. You can even book online. I can't wait to chat to you about this fantastic service.

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