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Super Smooth Skin With Dermaplaning

As you might already know, I’ve been researching new treatments for my lovely clients this year, and one of the most popular treatments I’ve come across is Dermaplaning – the super-effective exfoliation treatment that promises to give your skin a new lease of life!

Later this summer, I’m going to be bringing in a dermaplaning system for clients that love the clean, smooth feel of newly-exfoliated skin. If you’ve had a chemical peel in the past, you’ll know what I mean! Dermaplaning isn’t too dissimilar to dermabrasion in that it works by removing the dead skin on the top layer and the tiny vellus hairs (sometimes called ‘peach fuzz’) that grow on your face. Don’t worry; they won’t grow back thicker, research

has shown that the regrowth is exactly the same as the initial hair growth.

The treatment involves using a sharp surgical blade to remove not only the dead skin cells and tiny hairs, but also the dirt and excess oil that builds up over time in the hair follicles. It has an exfoliating effect that smooths and brightens your skin’s complexion, and leaves you with a really clean, smooth feeling.

The results are visible straight away, and I can’t wait to see the effects on my lovely clients.

It’s great if you want to soften and smooth rough skin, and also helps the appearance of your skin, so if you have pigmentation, fine lines or mild acne scars, it can really help to improve the appearance.

Dermaplaning also gives your complexion a brightening boost.

Another really great thing about this treatment is that anyone can have it; if you’ve been a fan of chemical peels but don’t want to risk them because you’re pregnant or breast feeding, dermaplaning is safe and effective during pregnancy. You might even be converted!

Dermaplaning suits most skin types (but should be avoided if you have active acne/psoriasis breakouts). For obvious reasons, it’s not suitable for people who have a beard or facial hair.

I’m planning to offer dermaplaning treatments at my skin clinic in Needham Market from later this summer; I’ll be offering them as a standalone treatment and they are also suitable as part of a bespoke skincare package – come and talk to me about how I can incorporate dermaplaning into your sessions and create you a tailored skincare package that will leave you glowing!

There will be introductory offers and sessions announced soon – watch the blog, social media and Vanilla Magazine for details!

I’m looking forward to booking you in soon…

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